Dây loa Monster SuperFlat Mini Navajo White

Dây loa Monster SuperFlat Mini Navajo White

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Hàng chính hãng Ship từ USA - Made in Taiwan

Riêng hàng dây loa monster thì chính hãng là made in taiwan và luôn có logo trên mỗi cuộn dây loa dù là dài 5m hay 500m
Dây Monster SuperFlat chuyên để chạy dưới thảm hay trên tường
phần vỏ làm tinh xảo từng chi tiết 
Phần lõi thì hãng làm trên cả tuyệt vời. lõi đồng tuy với thông số là 16 AWG ( cái này chuẩn châu âu nhé đừng so sánh với các loại dây tính theo mm) nhưng khi bung ra thì đồng quá là nhiều, từ đó mới biết dây chính hãng họ ép các lõi đồng lại với công nghệ tinh vi cỡ nào, khi còn trong dây thì mình thấy có 1 nhưng khi cắt ra thì lại thấy tới gấp 3 lần số lượng đồng trong dây. Điều này đảm bảo việc chống oxy hoá do môi trường bên ngoài tác động là rất tốt
Link tham khảo trên trang chủ http://www.monsterproducts.com/productdisplay.asp?pin=82

Outer Diameter: 14.03mm Wide, .57mm Tall
Variance: +/- .1mm 

Ultra-Flexible, Compact High Performance Speaker Cable

Hookup Without the Mess
Most of today’s home theatre's are out-of-wall installations with enough cable to clutter any room. One of the most obvious ways to keep cable out of the way is to route it along baseboards and around door frames instead of leaving it in a tangled mess on the floor. Monster Cable®has designed a special Invisible Out-of-Wall™ SuperFlat™ Mini cable that offers performance plus virtually invisible cable runs.

Low Profile Design With Paintable Jacket for Unobtrusive Cable Runs
Our unique SuperFlat Mini speaker cable is very flat and very flexible. Because it’s only a few millimeters thick, you can run it under carpets or attach it to baseboards with Monster® Clamps and Corner Trim, which are included with the cables. SuperFlat Mini’s Navajo White jacket blends well with most white walls and trim, and can even be painted to match any wall or interior design.

Fine Copper Stranding for Greater Clarity and Dynamics
More than 300 fine copper strands provide greater clarity and more accurate transfer of music signals, while a low capacitance design maintains signal transfer over long runs for the best music reproduction. Monster’s heavy-duty Duraflex® jacket resists abrasion and withstands temperature extremes for long-lasting good looks and the most reliable cable performance.

Patented 24k Gold Pins®Provide a Superior Connection
SuperFlat Mini comes pre-terminated with four pairs of Monster’s patented angled Gold Pins® with Lock Notch® design to lock the cables in place. The 24k gold contacts provide a high conductivity, non-corrosive connection to components for the best possible signal transfer.

For Unbeatable Looks and Sound. Monster’s Invisible Out-of-Wall SuperFlat Mini cable lets you wire your home theatre without creating an unattractive mess of cable. Developed exclusively for the homeowner seeking the perfect marriage of superior sound and beautiful decor, the obvious choice is Superflat Mini – only from Monster Cable.


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