Thương hiệu : Supra

Xuất xứ : Chính hãng phân phối - Made in Sweden

Loại : Cáp Coaxial sử dụng đầu balanced XLR

-Đồng OFC (Oxygen-free Copper) 5N

-Ống khí foam PE: Polyethylene được chế thành tấm foam để tạo túi khí. Điện dung thấp, độ méo tín hiệu giảm thiểu

-Lõi được bọc nhựa PVC: Chống nhiễu, chống nhiệt và chống thấm

-Vận tốc truyền dẫn: 78% vận tốc ánh sáng

-Jack cắm: Mạ vàng 24k hạn chế tăng trở kháng, ngăn nhiễu âm

1,200,000₫ 1,000,000₫


Supra DAC-XLR digital balanced interconnect
DAC-XLR is a professional 110 Ohm interconnect cable for XLR interfaced digital audio signals according to the AES/EBU standard. The cable include our patented Supra Swift XLR connectors. Provides for balanced signal transmission a function where positive signal is inverted to form the negative on pin 3. By subtraction will any signal component present only in the signal path 2 or 3 be cancelled out. Any malignant noise that succeeds in entering the cable, will not infect signal paths symmetrically and will therefore not survive the subtraction. A good cable with efficient shielding and correct impedance will together with the balanced transmission standard preserve signal integrity also for cables lengths in studios and on-stage at a very high level. Also some high-end hifi brands utilize balanced digital and analogue transmissions. The second very important feature with balanced transmission is that the shield and earth lead level unequal earth potentials between devices without compromising the signal.

- Application example: AES/EBU; Professional digital audio signals, and high-end hifi equipment, e.g. between CD-drive and DAC.

Digital Interconnects 
For digital applications it is always important with the standardized characteristic impedance. The characteristic impedance of source, cable and receiver must match the transmission standard in order to avoid digital jitter. Unfortuneatly that is not the case with some of our competitors. We att Supra always design according to the standard and also with tightest possible tolerences.


Features & Benefits 

  • High speed and bandwidth - Allows high quality transfer of high bitrate formats and exceptional square wave transient response time
  • True 110 ohm - meets the close tolerance standard to transfer signal without losses or jitter
  • Extremely noise immune - Lowest possible signal distortion
  • Balanced transmission, cancels any signal discrepancy between hot and cold lead - Any noise entering, will not enter symmetrically and therefore become void.
  • Made in Sweden!

Technical Info

Mechanical Specifications

Cross section area0.54 / 20mm/ AWG
Number of strands per lead19pieces
Strand diameter0.19mm
Conductor materialOxygen free 5N copper 
InsulationPE Foam (air filled) 
Screen Coverage100% semi-conductive nylon 
JacketHeat & age resistant PVC 
External diameter6.1mm
WeightNot applicableg/m


Electrical performance

Characteristic impedance110Ohm
Velocity factor0.78x C (speed of light)


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