Van Den Hul - The CLIFF Hybrid 3T RCA

Thương hiệu: Van Den Hul
Van Den Hul - The CLIFF Hybrid 3T RCA

Thương hiệu : Van Den Hul

Xuất xứ : phân phối chính hãng - Made In Eu

Loại : Interconnect , Top-end series

" The design idea of the 3T The Cliff Hybrid was to create just a quad (4 conductors) centre construction without any screen. This to avoid the standard available signal-conductor to screen capacitance. Soundwise, this design experiment worked out very well Worldwide there are hardly any such flexible audio interconnects without any screen available. Each of the 4 conductors is made of a single 1 x 400 micron 3T conductor combined with 11 x 150 micron 3T conductors. At connecting the 3T The Cliff Hybrid, two of the four internal conductors are used as signal plus and the other two as signal return. Soundwise, the 3T The Cliff Hybrid is a delight in both space
and resolution. The sound quality reproduction is extremely clean. Instruments playing in complex musical performances can very easily be followed despite high sound levels "

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