Van Den Hul - The Second ® XLR

Thương hiệu: Van Den Hul
Van Den Hul - The Second ® XLR

Thương hiệu : Van Den Hul

Xuất xứ : chính hãng phân phối - Made in Eu

Loại : Interconnect Balance XLR , MID-RANGE Series

" Available in both coaxial and balanced configuration, The SECOND® is one of our number one products.
A first and final buy for even the most demanding audio lovers among us. This cable has a very easy, natural and spacious signal transmission, therefore also ideal as a microphone cable for extremely critical recordings. With its metal free signal conductors, made of L.S.C., the quality of this cable is not influenced by time, as is quite often the case with metal conductors due to the complete absence of ageing. It delivers a real and, even more important, unelectric feel to acoustic music. All the Van den Hul Carbon Recordings CD’s were made using this cable

as the microphone interlink (sometimes even in lengths of over 35 meters) so you can judge for yourself ! The use of our high grade RCA connectors with copper, silver and 24 carat gold coating (unbalanced) or black metal Neutrik XLR connectors contributes considerably to the excellent quality of this interlink "

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