Van Den Hul - The WATERFALL Hybrid XLR

Thương hiệu: Van Den Hul
Van Den Hul - The WATERFALL Hybrid XLR

Thương hiệu : Van Den Hul

Xuất xứ : Chính hãng phân phối - Made in Eu

Loại : Interconnect Balance XLR , MID-RANGE Series

" The WATERFALL Hybrid is our third interconnect based on our very own FUSION Technology. The amorphous alloy of three metals makes a conductor that is free from intercrystalline boundaries, being the main cause of sonic harshness and harmonic structures in other metal cables.

The design of this balanced interconnect is based on
our award-winning D-102 III Hybrid. The signal is sent through two identical conductor pairs with a braided screening around them. When applied in unbalanced situations (RCA connectors) the big advantage is that
we can connect this outer screening on one side (the ground-end) to earth and have it floating on the other side.

This way any spurious signals from outside are efficiently blocked without any possibility of interference with the signal path. Together with the already mentioned Fusion Technology, it makes this interconnect very hard to beat in quality as well as in value for money!
The Hybrid design and the brown HULLIFLEX® jacket further improve the durability of this interconnect for many years to come. Available with RCA or XLR connectors "

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