Jack càng cua MediaBridge ULTRA Series Fast-Lock 45° Spade Plugs


Mediabridge™ ULTRA Series Fast-Lock 45° Spade Plugs

Attaches to speaker wire, supplying a high-quality signal path from audio components like a speaker to an audio/video receiver, amplifier or other sound application. Compatible with 10-18 AWG speaker wire. Corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors provide secure fits with clarity, natural sonic accuracy & no distortion. A wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer, & a 2-piece screw-on design makes for reliable termination. Self-crimping teeth make for easy 1-time installs, & a low profile build only sticks out less than 1". Color coded, distinguishing left from right to enable matching polarity. Rubber grips minimize shorting & 45° connectors ensure snug fits. Fast-lock spade plugs are an easy plug-&-play alternative to bare wire modular setups, removing the hassle of crimping/soldering.

Product Features
- BETTER THAN BARE WIRE: Gold-plated prongs provide a clean, strong connection, making it easier to install than bare wire
- ALL OF YOUR AUDIO COMPONENTS: Designed with dual-width prongs that secure onto small & large-sized binding posts
- LOW-PROFILE: Crafted at a 45° angle with rubber grips to stay flush against your component (protrudes less than 1”), yet easily graspable
- 10-18AWG COMPATIBLE: A wider base accommodates thick and thin wire gauges
- FAST-LOCK SETUP: A 2-piece screw-on design makes for reliable termination, without soldering, crimping or using screws

- Works with 10-18 AWG speaker wire
- Works with audio components like a speaker, audio/video receiver, amplifier & more

- Connector width: 13.1mm
- Gap between forks width: 8.08mm
- Gap length: 11.1mm

Simply insert speaker wire, tighten down the crimping screws & plug into your audio device (step-by-step installation guide included)

Giá 110k/cặp ( 1 đỏ 1 đen )


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Jack càng cua MediaBridge ULTRA Series Fast-Lock 45° Spade Plugs