Purist Dominus RCA LR

Thương hiệu : Purist Audio Design

Xuất Xứ : Phân phối chính hãng - Made in USA

Loại : Dây tín hiệu Interconnect sử dụng đầu RCA 

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137,310,000₫ 110,000,000₫


Single-Ended (RCA) Cable
Single-Ended (RCA) Cable
Balanced (XLR) Cable
Balanced (XLR) Cable

The Dominus line of Interconnects are completely redesigned from the ground up. Using technologies we developed with the 25th Anniversary cables, the diameter of the cables are reduced to give improved ease-of-use. The improvements in the alloy metallurgy of the core conductors vastly improves the Dominus' performance and will ensure it remains a gold standard! They are available in Single-Ended (RCA) and Balanced (XLR) configurations. If your system demands a custom configuration, please contact us. We're able to custom-build to fit your needs!

As a part of Purist Audio Design's Luminist Revision, We redesigned and greatly improved the RCA connectors using beryllium copper and increasing the thickness of the gold plating. We also greatly improved the XLR connectors by using beryllium copper with gold plating on the pins.

All Dominus cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Dominus Interconnect Technical Specifications
ShieldingBraid 100%
Dielectric MaterialFEP
gauge (effective)20 AWG
Dampening MaterialFerox
Capacitance39 pF/FT (pin to shield)
Resistance0.032 Ω/m (conductor)
Estimated Break-In Time300 Hours
Cable Diameter5/8" OD
Connector TypeGold RCA / Gold 3-Pole XLR
Material TreatmentTriple (3x) Cryomag©

What They're Saying

Just warmed in the new Dominus XLRs, these are going from my preamp to my new JL Audio CR-1 active crossover...and they're replacing the temporary pair of RCA 2.5m Vestas cables, as the new set up allows balanced now...everything is settling in and this is my set up...my dream system.

(Took a lot of work, getting the timing correct with the subs and satellites, adding the active crossover, and setting correct phase and levels. The damping control is there to dial in the final dimension.)

As always, the addition of another Dominus is nothing short of unexpected magic and "slap your mama" good sounds.

I have to thank you for adding extra few inches!...they are just perfect ...the perfect amount of slack, (almost like a motorcycle chain up and down), and it gave me room to put the components "dead center" in the middle of each rack...I am just so happy and content.

What the New Dominus did is nothing short of amazing...

...that central image of vocals and back up singers is dead on...and just allows the vocalist to express things I've never heard, breath and soul.

You have captured lightening in a bottle.



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Purist Dominus RCA LR
137,310,000₫ 110,000,000₫