The Chord Company - C-stream Ethernet cable

The Chord Company - C-stream Ethernet cable

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C-stream Ethernet cable

This cable is certainly well made and the connectors are noticeably superior in construction to the usual all-plastic RJ45 plugs that are often fitted to Ethernet cables and which squeeze the cable for strain relief. The C-stream, on the other hand, has a firm plastic clip and a gold-plated metal screen around the pins. As expected, the plugs are really easy to click into the RJ45 sockets on both my Squeezebox Touch and my network hub. When I play music streamed from my PC, I can clearly detect a subtle improvement in spatial positioning of instruments, compared with a standard computer Ethernet cable. I attribute this to the minimisation of cable-induced jitter, which can so easily be introduced through cables that have poor or non-existent screening. Nice one Chord


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The Chord Company - C-stream Ethernet cable
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