The Chord Company - Epic Analogue RCA

The Chord Company - Epic Analogue RCA

Thương hiệu : The Chord Company

Xuất xứ : Phân phối chính hãng - Made In U.K

Loại : Epic series , Interconnect RCA 

"Dây tín hiệu Epic RCA là phiên bản nâng cấp của Shawline, cùng với dây dẫn nặng hơn và cải thiện che chắn đã đem mang một mức độ chi tiết và tầm cao mới . Nó giúp cho người chơi biết đến với sự phân tích của họ hơn là hiệu suất âm nhạc"


Epic Analogue RCA

Prices from £360.00 (UK RRP)

Epic is a Tuned ARAY cable and uses our direct silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs. Epic is built from heavy gauge silver-plated, multi-strand, oxygen-free copper conductors with an increased volume of PTFE insulation around each conductor. These are encased in a specially chosen PVC jacket to minimise mechanical noise and this is protected by a nylon braid.

Then of course there’s the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry. The end result is a cable that will carry a lot more detail, dynamics and better portray the individual timbres of instruments. The Tuned ARAY conductor geometry means it carries this extra information with all the coherence it needs to make for a genuinely musical and involving sound.

There are a whole host of mid-price CD players, streamers and DACS that are renowned for the exceptional amount of detail they produce. We often have a £900.00 CD player in our demo room. It sounds more than fine connected with a Shawline, but swap to an Epic and listen to the increase in detail and coherence.  If you want the analytical experience it’s there, but so is the musical involvement.

Available as standard in 0.5m and 1m lengths, with custom lengths to order.


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The Chord Company - Epic Analogue RCA
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