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"  Featuring a very constant and precise 75 Ohm

(+/- 0.5 Ohm) up to 3 GHz(!) and a so called “super-screened” layout. It has a extremely high frequency bandwidth (-3dB - 10 meters: 770 MHz). Though being our top-level SPDIF digital audio interconnect, it is equally suited for video and HF signal transport. The HULLIFLEX® jacket helps preserving its quality "



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The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm is our top level SPDIF digital audio interconnect cable, though is equally suited for Video and HF signal transport at a maximum performance level.

The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm has been specially designed bearing the highest possible transmission quality of 75 Ohm impedance level SPDIF consumer format digital audio in mind, and is aimed at the critical audiophile as well as the professional.

The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm’s special design covers all aspects required for a flawless and reliable transmission of SPDIF digital audio at short range as well as across large studio distances and allows for notable improvements in your audio quality.
The cable’s strict HF design likewise benefits the transport of Video and HF signals well into the GigaHertz range.


  • The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm features a very constant and precise 75 Ohm impedance: 75 Ohm ± 0.5 Ohm up to 3 GHz.

This is important, since otherwise the signal will be reflected up and down the cable (i.e. standing waves). Such signal reflections deteriorate signal integrity by causing the digital audio signal as seen at the receiving end to be overlapped with time delayed  replicas of itself (i.e. signal reflection induced inter-symbol interference).At the receiving side this negatively influences the D-to-A  converter clock retrieval circuitry’s (PLL’s) ability to maintain a stable sample rate (i.e. fluctuations in the timing interval between the audio signal’s samples occur).
The resulting distortion of the audio signal is officially called “jitter distortion” and is particularly perceivable as reduced resolution and imaging.

     Note: To maintain a precise 75 Ohm impedance and avoid signal reflections, the advised minimum value of bending radius for The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm is 8.0 cm.


    • The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm features a very high frequency bandwidth.
      As an example: The -3 dB bandwidth of a 10 m. run is 770 MHz. (For more data see Attenuation graph in the sidebar)

      A high bandwidth is important: An SPDIF digital audio signal contains frequencies that extend far beyond the usually specified minimum required bandwidth (~6 MHz). Even though this minimum bandwidth provides useable transmission, accurate data transmission and recovery of low-jitter clocks in real-world noisy environments will benefit from greatly increased bandwidth:

      The digital audio signal consists of elementary data units (bits) in the form of zeros and ones. These are square waves (merlon shaped elements) which vertical edges serve as a demarcation for the signal receiving circuitry (e.g. D-to-A converter) to be able to retrieve the signal clock and to recognise the contained bit values.

      Cable bandwidth decreases with cable length used. Lower bandwidths increasingly cause the digital audio signal’s square waves edges to get rounded off and become smeared over time (inter-symbol interference). This impairs the receiving circuitry’s ability to correctly determine the individual bit values and their timing. The so-called “jitter distortion” and “bit error rate” increase and the audio quality decreases.
     A short note regarding optical fiber cables for digital audio and bandwidth:
    Although these exhibit a very high bandwidth and near perfect noise immunity by themselves, the bandwidth of the unavoidably extra involved optical transmitter and receiver parts (especially those used in common consumer devices) is one of the most important performance limiting factors. Others are: The optical power available, so-called modal dispersion, attenuation and connector transition losses.
    Depending on the situation, though in many cases, coaxial SPDIF transfer is preferable if low jitter distortion replay is aimed at. This provided a good cable like our The DIGI-COUPLER 75 Ohm is used...


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