Wireworld Nova Toslink Optical Cable

Thương hiệu : Wireworld

Xuất Xứ : Phân phối chính hãng

Loại : Dây cáp Optical - Wireworld Nova series 7 


950,000₫ 800,000₫

Wireworld Nova Toslink to Toslink Cable

The sonic differences among digital audio cables are caused by jitter, which occurs as digital processors intermittently lose track of the digital bitstream. Jitter degrades sound quality by losing parts of the signal and replacing them with noise and distortion. Wireworld digital audio cables minimize jitter by providing sharper, cleaner leading edges on the digital waveform. At each price level, they provide the lowest jitter available, producing distinct improvements in clarity, smoothness and dynamic range.

A precision optical conductor made of PMMA monofilament reduces jitter to improve the quality of digital surround sound.


Wireworld Digital Audio Comparison Chart



  • Monofilament Acrlic conductors
  • Triple-Polished ends
  • Compatible with most digital optical outputs
  • Lifetime Warranty


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Wireworld Nova Toslink Optical Cable
950,000₫ 800,000₫