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Supra SubLink - Mono Sub-woofer / Analogue hi-fi interconnect
Supra SubLink is suitable as a single channel interconnect such as AV-receiver LFE out to sub-woofer LFE input, or as a pair of stereo interconnects. Low capacitance and efficient shielding provides for long cable routing such as e.g. sub-woofers. The cable is possible to connect as single-end or balanced with any of our suitable connectors as follows; PPX, RCA-6 or XLR. An excellent entry level cabel for the consious hi-fi listener how will not satisfy with the sub-standard interconnects usually enclosed with entry level hifi eguipment. We believe it will be the starting point of exploring the positive impact of Supra's interconnects, which will allow any hi-fi device to reach its full potential.


Features and customer benefits

  • Excellent price/performance ratio!
  • Incorporates the basic Supra features to reach rapid transient response
  • PE di-electric an high purity copper will help maintain high signal integrity
  • Shielding of the same standard as our more expensive products for efficient noise rejection
  • Made in Sweden!


Mechanical data

Number of leads3 (+, - and earth)pieces
Lead area0.24 / 24mm2 / AWG
Number of strands per lead19pieces
Strand diameter0.127mm
Lead materialTin plated, oxygen-free, 5N copper 
Di-electric (insulation)PE 
ShieldAluminized PET foil 
Outer dimensionØ 6.0mm
Cable weight (without connectors)48g/m


Electrical properties

Resistance72Ω / km
Capacitance52pF / m
Velocity factor0.66x C (speed of light)


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Supra SubLink Subwoofer - Cắt Mét