Supra Phono SC - 40 years Aniversay

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Supra Phono 2RCA-CS is a phono cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. The cable is a dual channel connection between a turntable and a RIAA phono stage or a receiver with a dedicated phono input including the Earth Link required for most turntable connections. Supra Phono's low capacitance and thanks to the new carbon/nylon shield, its noise interference immunity, make a dead silent cable suitable for low output moving coil cartridges. Further the low capacitance allow for best transient response, without damping or slowing down the musical beat.

Features and benefits

  • Efficient shielding makes a dead silent cable provides maximum signal integrity also for moving coil cartridges
  • Earth Link efficiently cancels any ground (earth) potential hum
  • Suppress RFI interference that are highly malignant for the noise floor
  • Lavish RCA-CS connectors provides excellent electrical properties, 100% shielding and gentle chuck lock cable strain relief
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Made in Sweden! 


Technical Info

Mechanical data

Number of leads, totally (specified)7 (+, - and drain x two channels + EarthLink)pieces
Lead area0.24mm2
Number of strands per lead19pieces
Strand dimensionØ 0.127mm
Strand materialTin plated Oxygen-free 5N Copper 
Di-electric (Insulation)PE 
ShieldCarbon/Nylon shield 
JacketAge and heat resistant PVC 
ConnectorsSupra RCA-SC chuck lock strain relief 
Outer dimension per leadØ 6.0mm
Cable weight (without connectors)48g/m


Electrical properties

Velocity factor0.66x C (speed of light)


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Supra Phono SC - 40 years Aniversay
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