Oyaide Hook up 3398 - 16

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Oyaide Hook up 3398 - 16

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Name of product3398-16 BK3398-16 WT3398-SY
Sheath colorblackWhiteblack
Conductor configuration52 / 0.18Center: 21 / 0.18
Shield: 34 / 0.18
Conductor cross-sectional areaAWG16 (1.25sq)
Center: AWG20 (0.5sq) Shield: AWG17 (0.86sq)
Finished ODFinished OD3.0mm
Standard / ratingUL standard AWM Style 3398 VW-1/105 ℃ 300V (peak voltage 600V) 
Capacitance 280pF / m (center conductor - line between the capacity of the shield)
Conductor / insulator102SSC / XLPE (3398-SY: the outer sheath PVC)


Adopt a precise conductor 102 SSC proud of ELEC electricity

  • Adopt a 2.0mm single line consisting of a precision conductor 102 SSC proud of ELEC is the conductor.
  • To avoid inclusion of impurities as much as possible, using only virgin copper containing no recycled copper among the copper conforming to JIS C1011.
  • 100% removal of the impurities adhering to the surface by performing peeling process.
  • To facilitate the flow of electrical signal flowing through the conductor surface layer, thinned with natural diamond dies, improve the surface smoothness of the strand.
  • It thinned wire by the machining accuracy of the standard error tolerance ± 8μm far surpass ± 1μm a.
  • In stranded wire process, it adopted the world's first high-density different 径導 body 3E twisted structure (patented).
  • Increase the density and roundness of strands, stabilize the electric characteristics.
  • Annealing processing over 2 degrees, eliminating the mechanical stress-strain of the strand.
  • Product management and thorough manufacturing control numerical value, maintenance, and shipping dates.
  • Conductivity is achieved 102.3% IACS of the highest class.

3398 Series Features of

  • Precision conductor "102SSC" the adopted audio equipment for the internal wiring material "3398 Series".
  • Compliance with US UL standard AWM Style 3398 (except 3398-SY).
  • ELEC using a precision conductor "102SSC" for audio in the electric original.
  • The insulator has adopted a XLPE with enhanced molecular structure (cross-linked polyethylene) by electron beam irradiation.
  • XLPE high heat resistance (rated 150 ℃), it shows a high withstand voltage (rated 300V, peak voltage 600V), less likely to melt in solder heat, has excellent workability.
  • AWG16 / 18/22 in addition to the three types of conductor thickness of the single-core shield (3398-SY) also available.
  • 3398-SY is to eliminate the gap between the wire spiral shield of 34 this configuration, excellent shielding effect. The PVC is employed in the outer sheath, ensure excellent flexibility.
  • Internal wiring of the amplifier and speakers, such as the self-made audio cable, you can use a wide range of applications.



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Oyaide Hook up 3398 - 16
200,000₫ 160,000₫