WBT 0102 Cu


The basic element influencing the sound quality of the WBT-0102Cu is the central contact, here using pure Copper, chosen for its excellent electrical conductivity, guaranteeing perfect signal transmission. This contact is gold plated to give it a high resistance to oxidation.

The WBT-0102Cu supports a transmission bandwidth of up to 200MHz, a much higher value than traditional RCA plugs.

The clamping system, functioning like the chuck of a drill, allows a firm hold of the connector. The maximum contact pressure not only ensures a secure connection but also minimizes transition resistance.

The two-part clamping tube ensures that no part of the connector can move so that the contact areas are not exposed to torsional pressure. In addition, this method compensates for potential inaccuracies in the dimensions of the outer contacts of the sockets.

The center pin is split and slightly bent to ensure a secure and durable connection with the lowest possible transition resistance.

The body of the connector is made of a copper alloy with gold plating and can accept thick, rigid cables. The metal body is, of course, electrically insulated from the contact area and uses a very small amount of metal to cancel eddy currents.

Finally, the WBT-0102Cu has electromagnetic shielding, which is particularly important for analog connections.

Technical characteristics

Product typeRCA Connectors
Contacts materialPure Copper
Contacts platingPure Gold 0.5µm
Dielectric materialUltramid, reinforced with glass fiber
Vectra S135
Body materialCopper alloy
Holding unit platingGold
Body platingDual layer Chrome
Mounting typeTo solder
Max cable diameterØ9mm
Permanent currentID > 10A
Transition resistanceRü < 0.1mΩ
Contact resistanceRBi, RBa < 0.45mΩ
Self capacitanceC ≈ 2.82pF
Insulation resistanceRia, RaG > 1.3x109
Characteristic impedance75Ω
External dimensionsØ13.6 x 51mm
Internal diameterØ9mm
QuantitySold by 4 (2 units with white ring, 2 units with red ring)






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WBT 0102 Cu
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