WBT 0152 Cu


Among the last two models released, the WBT 0152 is based on the Nextgen technology principle. It differs from model 0102 by the cable section it accepts (10.8mm).
The essential element influencing the sound quality is the central contact, which has been developed in exactly the same way as on the WBT110 model: Minimum conductor mass made of fine silver.
A high-purity copper was chosen for its excellent electrical conductivity qualities. The surface is gold plated for durability but also to ensure perfect contact quality.

The upper part of the plug is easily and firmly clipped to the body of the RCA plug thanks to our locking system, so maximum contact is guaranteed as well as safety of the connection.
The external tightening cone of the RCA plug adapts to the diameter defects of the female RCA plug. The locking system guarantees a safe contact and closes without any risk of twisting the cable when tightening.
The central pin is equipped with mechanical springs allowing a perfect electrical contact in all conditions and a minimum contact resistance.

The body is made of brass plated to the Platinum in order to accept large and rigid cables. The metal body is, of course, decoupled from the central core and contains a very small amount of metal in order to be isolated from Eddy's currents.


  • GOLD plated
  • To be soldered
  • Cable diameter: 10.8 mm maximum
  • Sold by 4 (2 white and 2 red)
  • Supplied with 1 Torx Wrench



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WBT 0152 Cu
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