Đầu cáp mạng RJ 45 Telegartne MFP8 Cat 8.1

1,000,000₫ 900,000₫

Đầu jack mạng RJ45 TELEGARTNER MFP8 CAT.8.1 T568B High-End

Đầu jack mạng Telegartne đến từ Đức được các thương hiệu audio lớn tin dùng như Ansuz , Nordost , Steel .... nên chất lượng là không có gì phải bàn cãi

Telegärtner is also launching the field-assembly cable plug MFP8 Cat.8.1 for building direct-attach links in-between electronic devices or for the assembly of patch cords. The fully-shielded housing made of zinc diecast offers a cable strain relief suitable for cable outer diameter from 5.5 - 10.0 mm and can be assembled onto horizontal or patch cable of Category Cat.8.1/Cat.8.2 with solid or stran- ded conductors such as AWG27/7 – 22/7 or AWG26/1 – 22/1 with no need for any special tools.


Performance characteristics

incl. pre-assembled protection cap AWG26 - 24/1, AWG27 - 24/7
Connector acc. IEC 60603-7 series RJ45 8P8C
25/40GBase-T acc. IEEE 802.3bq
backward compatible to Class EA acc. ISO/IEC 11801-1 (Permanent link up to 90 m and Channel up to 100 m)
Life ≥ 750 mating cycles
Contact finish material Ni1,2Au0,8
Shielding housing material: die-cast nickel-plated zinc
Outer diameter: 5,5 – 10,0 mm
Cu conductor diameter: solid 0,41 – 0,51 mm (AWG26/1 – 24/1) stranded 0,46 – 0,61 mm (AWG27/7 – 24/7) outer diameter: 0,85 – 1,1 mm
Reusable IDC: ≤ 4 cycles
Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) acc. IEEE 802.3at
Cable strain relief: AF13

Mechanical attributes

Insertion force≤ 30 N
Durability (Matings)≥ 750
Reusable contacts≤10 cycles
Cu-Conductor diameter: solid0.51 - 0.64 mm (AWG24/1-22/1)
Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded0.46 - 0.76 mm (AWG27/7-22/7)
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded0.61 - 0.78 mm (AWG24-22/19)
Core Diameter1,0 - 1,6 mm
Material: contactsphosphor bronze tinned
Material: contact finishNi1,2Au0,8
Material: connector housingPC UL94 V0
Material: PCBFR4 UL 94 V0
Material: piercing contactsphosphor bronze tinned
Material: shield contactbrass, nickel-plated
Material: wire pair presortingPC UL94 V0 white
Material: uplock hookPBT UL94 V0
Material: shielding housingzinc diecast, nickel-plated
Material: cable clampPBT UL94 V0
Material: protection capPBT UL94 V0
Link trang chủ của hãng https://www.telegaertner.com/en/product/online-catalogue-datavoice-office/modular-plugs/rj45-plugs-shielded-and-unshielded-and-cable-boots/mfp8-cat6a-shielded/mfp8-t568b-cat81-incl-pre-assembled-protection-cap-awg24-22-1-awg27-22-7-100023089


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Đầu cáp mạng RJ 45 Telegartne MFP8 Cat 8.1
1,000,000₫ 900,000₫