WBT 0730.12 Signature Platinum

Liên hệ
Dòng Topline cao cấp nhất ca WBT.
- L
ớp xi mnhiều lớp đặc biệt, mPlatinium , chu áp lực mài mòn cao.
- Có thể bắt được dng hàn hoặc vít.
- C
cấu chcó 2 phần, cho lực siết rất mnh.
- Ch
ất liệu bằng đồng nguyên chất. Chu dòng max 70A
  • Extremely high contact pressure for spades thanks to fine thread and cross-milled surface
  • Pat. two-piece clamping nut for maximum strength of connection
  • Solder or crimp connection with Torx screw
  • Direct platinum plating (nickel-free)
  • Max. constant current 70 A
  • Twist-proof mounting
  • Puzzle plate system


Conductor cross section (max.):outside: 6 mm² (10 AWG)
inside: 10 mm² (8 AWG)
Connection technology:outside: 4 mm banana plug, spades (6 - 8 mm spade), crimping
inside: crimping or soldering
Wall thickness:0.1 - 6 mm
Installation:with the spacer WBT-9404 also as a double terminal
Recommended tool:
  • Torx T.6 wrench WBT-0488 
    (supplied with each end consumer package)
  • Torque screwdriver WBT-0481 for professional OEM mounting
  • Crimping pliers WBT-0403 
    also see crimping set WBT-0411




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WBT 0730.12 Signature Platinum
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